Letters We Have Received

Good Morning Drs. Kornelis and Lori Kellogg-Poelstra and Jonathan Needler,

We’re back home in Georgia and just thought I would jot a note of progress and thanks!! Firstly, thank you for your “Great chair-side” attention and of course your skills. Dr. Lori the third round of shots seems to have “taken” …I am much much better!!!! I still have to be a bit careful but am certainly a lot more “mobile” than I was for four months in Florida. Did a little light yard work yesterday and noticed that last night the pain came back in the left pelvic bone next to my spinal column area – not down my legs though so I took a pain pill about 1:00 A.M and feel fine today. I’m still also taking the nerve pills twice a day and have only taken a pain pill twice since we’ve been back (March 7)….progress!!!!

I made an appointment with my Internist and then he referred me to a “Pain Management Doctor” – I told him I wasn’t going there at this time since I have been “managing the pain” for several months…..I wanted a referral for a “Dr. Poelstra”… but they only made two of them and they’re in Florida…. He referred me to a Doctor – Neuro-surgeon M.D., FRCS(c) and I had all my medical records from Florida transferred and my MRI as well . After visiting with this new Physician, I will not be going back. Therefore, I am reviewing credentials of other Doctors here and thought I would ask you again if you have a referral in the Atlanta area – Emory etc. They did recommend physical Therapy so will start tomorrow.

I guess you realize how important the three of you were to Dolores and myself after pacing the floor in the middle of the night and sitting in the ER….we just may see you again in December for follow-up or whatever as I don’t think it’s totally gone, however life is a lot more enjoyable!!!!